Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu lives in Toronto, Canada. Works as an illustrator for different media, teaches digital painting online and publishes books.
immaginism studios

Whale Boy
Big Bad Bunny Eater
My Red Bike
Bigfoots New Friend
Cats and Dogs

Alessa Esteban

Alessa Esteban is living and working in Mexico City, where she has her own label called "ArTwisted Projects". She studied visual art at the Fine Arts Academy „La Esmeralda“ in Mexico City
"I work in three art medias: Drawing, Painting and Photography. I'm very interested in Sigmund Freud's theories in Psychoanalysis. But my art work is deeply connected to my own childhood and my sisters. I have two younger sisters whom I have always felt very responsible for."
"I'm very interested in creating images that look sweet and beautiful at the first look, but when someone takes a second look into it, they unravel damaged and crooked meanings. This perverse side of the image contrasts with the sweetness of the line in the drawing. It looks like clean drawings, clean lines, representing scenes with girls. Soft colors in the atmosphere, with deep psychological content, showed in the girl's attitude."

Alessa Esteban had a very serious copycating issues with another artist Mariana Magdalena (featured below). If she is right or not...Well, judge for yourself. I personally like both artists.
read about it here
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Mariana Magdaleno

An artist from Mexico, currently studing at La Esmeralda School of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

"Identity issues" series - You belong to me
"Identity issues" series - Doble Moral
Without title
"Malagüero"series - Without title
Más después de su muerte los corderos no temen a los lobos
Without title

Kyoko Okubo

There is not too many information about Kyoko Okubo on the interent. al i know is that she a self-taught artist and all these small figures are made from washi, the traditional paper of Japan.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melissa Haslam

"Australian artist Melissa draws influence from vintage illustration, botanical art, Victorian painting, and contemporary fashion photography."

Finding a Pink Rabbit in the Flowering UndergrowthTree Pet
The Pond
Laundry Service