Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chris Ryniak

A painter and sculptor whose work has been exhibited all over the United States and Europe. He creates a world inhabited by oddball Jabba the Hutt-like characters that very often share their space with birds and reptiles.
" I've drawn monsters all my life, I have sketchbooks from when I was 10 of things that look like what I do now. I grew up in a household without any sort of spiritual affiliations, so I found faith in the unknown, like Bigfoot, Aliens, The Loch Ness monster, but at the same time my Dad used to read us National Geographic as bedtime stories, so I was pretty interested in science and nature from an early age. We would always go to rivers banks and flip over rocks to find Crawfish and nymphs and leeches or whatever awesomeness was under there, and whenever we saw a log in the woods we'd flip it over hoping to find a salamander or a snake. So there has always been this fascination with critters and wanting to see them up close."
Chris Ryniak - amerykański malarz i rzeźbiarz, ktorego prace wielokrotnie były wystawiane zarówno w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Europie. Świat stworzony w jego pracach zamieszkany jest przez ptaki, gady i rozlazłe, bezzębne dziwolągi przypominające Jabba the Hutt z "Gwiezdnych Wojen".


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