Friday, August 24, 2007

Ray Caesar

When I was sitting in a pub yesterday, my friend pointed out to a little girl that actually resembled the ones from Ray Caesar's paintings. I mean not that she had squid limbs instead of legs and had a cat in her hair, but her pale, adult-looking face really got me thinking about this artist. I absolutley adore him -
he somehow managed to create an art that is beautiful and repugnant at the same time. He states that he doesn't paint children, but 'pictures of human soul... that alluring image of the hidden part of ourselves.'
The artist himself seems to be pretty low-key and modest. He never learned how to drive, doesn't go out much, likes Earl Grey tea and says that he was born a dog - well, ok maybe that part's a little "wild" :)
Anyway, enjoy his art.

This is what Ray Caesar has to say about his paintings:

'As for my Images, I see them as calm wise spirits or photographs of a family picture album that sits in this massive hotel by the sea in my subconscious. Each room in this endless hotel is a dark hidden mystery or memory or ...lifetime... and all I am doing is running around this mansion of dreams and thought and turning on all the lights and getting everyone to come downstairs for a party. I see them as children but maybe they will grow and mature as my understanding of them grows... perhaps they will begin to grow old. I see each little 3D world as a sort of a "Heaven," a place where fear is replaced by calm and hate is replaced by love. A place where the things that are difficult to look at are seen as beautiful and no one turns away in pity or revulsion and all can see Truth and are filled with a knowing shared empathy as each pain and pleasure is immediately known and cherished.'
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Ray Caesar

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