Friday, August 17, 2007

Yoshimoto Nara - Since I've already written about Kathie Olivas, I decided to include an entry on Yoshimoto Nara, who seems to have clearly influenced not only Kathy's work but also that of "anime" artists in Japan and other places. He was born in Japan, and still lives and works there.
Most children in his paintings look at us in an accusing sort of way and seem to be constantly irritated. There is a sense of having to have grown up too fast, of a resentment at the loss of childhood innocence. Some have interpreted this portrayal as Nara's reaction to Japan's strict social conventions.
There are some paintings though where i've noticed a half-smile from them, so maybe there is still some hope for us adults :)

Looking for Treasure


Untitled - sculpture carved from polystone

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